Just sit down & talk


We all are so wrapped up in our lives
That sometimes we forget to just sit down
and talk.
Around people but emotionally separate.
So many thoughts
Woven in our head.
Often times
We forget the value to communicate.
When you will open your soul
To the right person
And let it all out
In that
One look
One smile
It will say a thousand words,
And when you get truely connected
And you won’t just hear it
won’t just see it
Darling, You feel it..::


Picture Courtesy: Varadharajan Iyengar (Vardhu Photography)

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On empty street

As i Walk in the blackness, Street lights cast a dull shadow on the Rain soaked reflections, My feet wander and my mind wonders. In the city that never dies. On empty street. . =================================================================================== Picture Courtesy: Sathya Swaroop Panda ====================================================================================

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A humid afternoon.

A cool breeze in a humid afternoon The sun was calling withered parts of my being, The tragedy was covered in shining gold, My soul went in swoon As the fiery blanket in the sky contained the damage of it’s very within. ======================================================================================== Picture Courtesy: Sathya Swaroop Panda ========================================================================================

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Scarlet cloaked sky

As i sit and gaze through the higher degree sky, Covered in the grace of it’s scarlet cloak, I see it giving out the magnificent hue of the intenser glow of fire, Igniting the dignity of age Adorning the amiableness of youth And inspiring sentiments of awe. My heart today, in it’s dark deep state…

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The Paradox of vulnerability.

“Hidden meaning in the innocent paragraph, My words are not what they seem to mean, Scattered somewhere in my core, For i’ve had trouble returning to myself. You’ve merely unearthed the first layer, and there is more, so much more, than what meets the eye. The titles are not what they seem, they don’t even show what really is the theme, and…

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The girl in the mirror.

At different phases in our life, we come across all sorts of people. People who are loving, caring and interested in us, while on the other side there are people who judge and try to belittle us. We try to explain people, who wouldn’t listen to us, try to show our true self to people…

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