When I was about eight, my grandfather gave me a journal for Christmas. Approximately 8 hours later, my grandfather veto-ed my suggestion of charades and subsequently his gift was kicked off with an angry drawing of him. The habit of venting into pages lasted well into college, although the illustrations became more seldom, replaced by angst and ill-advised attempts at philosophy.

This blog was born of a lifetime appreciation of reflection and writing – along with a nostalgic side that always relished rereading accounts of my former exploits. (As unremarkable as they may be.) The Girl in the Mirror is trying to become the person I’ve always wanted to be – battling cognitive dissonance and (attempting, sometimes fruitlessly) to match my ideals with my life. Armchair Exploration is the gift of reading my way around the world and through a myriad of experiences. Books are just about my very favorite thing.

Among the posts you’ll find book reviews, recipes, photos and music-videos. And, of course, ill-advised attempts at philosophy.